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Body Styles

Raglan Award Jacket

Set-in Award Jacket

Leather Shoulder Insert Award Jacket
 Leather Insert
Insert Style 3 Pictured)


This color chart only represents the colors.

If you would like exact color matching,

no problem, please contact us and we

will send you material swatches.

Collar Styles


Sailor Collar
Collar 1 (Sailor)

Zipper Hood
Collar 2 (Zipper)


Stand Up Knit Collar
Collar 7 (Knit)

Byron Knit Collar
Collar 8 (Knit Byron)


Whiting Knit Collar
Collar G (Whiting Collar)

Collar H (Hoodie)

Byron Collar

Collar 5 (Byron All Leather)

Collar 6 (Byron All Wool) Pictured
Collar 15 (Byron Wool Upside, Leather Downside)
Collar 16 (Byron Leather Upside, Wool Downside)


Stand Up Collar

Collar 11 (Stand-up All Leather)

Collar 12 (Stand-up All Wool) Pictured




Knit Patterns

Pattern 2
Pattern 2 (3-Color)

Pattern 3
Pattern 3 (2-Color)

Pattern 4
Pattern 4 (2-Color)

Pattern 5
Pattern 5 (2-Color)

Pattern 7
Pattern 7 (2-Color)

Pattern 8
Pattern 8 (3-Color)

Pattern 9
Pattern 9 (3-Color)

Pattern A
Pattern A (2-Color)

Pattern S
Pattern S (Solid)

Pattern T
Pattern T (3-Color)


Leather Shoulder Inserts
Click Pictures of Inserts for a Larger View

Style 1 Leather Shoulder Insert
Style 1
(1 Piece Solid)

Style 2 Leather Shoulder Insert
Style 2
(2 Piece Overlay)

Style 3 Leather Shoulder Insert
Style 3
(2 Piece With Cording)


The U Access Zipper Lining
Cell Phone and Inside Welted Pocket

This Lining allows you to decorate your jacket without
having to sew through the lining or tear out any seams.

Click Pictures Below for a Closer Look

The U Access Lining

Cell And Inside Pocket


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